Welcome to Canine Clip Joint Dog Grooming Parlour in Brighton

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Welcome to Canine Clip Joint Dog Grooming - Brighton

I provide individual service for all clients on a strictly one to one basis, no cages and access to a side courtyard area at all times. Every dog is an individual and the groom will be done according to the owner's instructions and the dogs individual needs.

Dog Grooming Service Details:

Upon meeting, I will discuss your overall requirements as well as your pets general health and well-being.

  1. Health
  2. Temperament
  3. Styling requirements

Your pet will be left in my care, until ready for collection. After a brief getting to know each other, the groom will proceed as detailed below:

  1. Brief check of coat condition and general health
  2. Cleaning of ears and eyes
  3. Trimming of nails
  4. Groom out and dematting of the dogs coat
  5. Bath in appropriate shampoo
  6. Blow-dry
  7. Styling as requested
  8. Lots of care and re-assurance along the way to make your pet feel safe and secure

Canine clip joint is fully insured.

Please bear in mind that if your dog has not been groomed for some time, the procedure will take longer, but every care is made to make the visit as stress- free as possible.

Records are kept after each grooming session and any health problems or behavioural concerns will be relayed to you the owner, upon collection. Please allow for 1 1/2 to 2 hours grooming time depending on the size and breed of your dog.

Honest feedback with regards to how your dog coped with the experience will always be communicated back to you. My priority first and foremost is always the well-being of your pet.

As I provide a one-to-one service to my clients, appointments are allocated strictly by prior arrangement. I will be considerate and mindful of your time and all I ask is that you allow me the same privilege. Should you need to cancel your pets appointment, please phone me as soon as possible (preferably 24 hrs notice) so that I can offer this appointment to another client.